How to Find Out About a Trust

How to Find Out about a Trust

If you have legal access to the person’s files and papers, look through them to see if there are any trust documents, or any references to a trust.  Look for copies of deeds, bank or securities account statements that name a trust as the owner, or a Will that refers to a trust.  Also look for papers that name an attorney, and call the attorney to see if he or she has any record of a trust.

You can also visit the County Recorder’s Office or contact the County Assessor’s Office to see the title on real estate owned by the person to see if it is held in the name of a trust.  

How to Know whether a particular asset is in the trust?  

To know if someone’s house or other real property is in a trust, go to the County Recorder’s office or contact the Public Service Unit of the County Assessor’s Office. 

It is not easy to trace the ownership of bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and personal property.  Only the owner has a right to get copies of statements from a bank or other institution.


Source: Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara

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