Living Trust Package in California

Living Trust Package in California

What documents should be in your California living trust package? 

California Revocable Living Trust – primary document

Schedule of Assets – Typically attached to the trust and is  sometimes a separate document showing what assets are “in” the trust.

Pour Over Will –  You will need this. 

Nomination of Guardians – If you have minors you need a document to appoint guardians and can be in in your will or a separate document.

Durable Power of Attorney – covers financial and quasi-financial matters that are not covered by the trust

Advanced Health Care Directive –  also called a “living will” or a Power of Attorney for Health Care.

HIPPA Release – importance of being able to access your medical records 

Certified Extract of Trust – Some attorneys call it a “certified abstract”  and is summary of the trust.

Deeds –  a DEED to transfer your real estate to your trust is important.

Transfer Letters –  letters for banks and financial institutions to aid in the transfer of assets to the trust. 

Change of Beneficiary Forms – re life insurance and other payable on death assets 

Instruction Letter –  summarizes how assets should be owned in the name of the trust and also how beneficiaries should be titled to best carry out your wishes


This is for information only and not the providing of legal or tax services.  You should hire an experienced state planning attorney for your own situation.

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